When the nightmare becomes Pegasus….

Not so many days ago some youngster wrote on twitter that upgrading maximum speed on Dutch highways was symbolic for the freedom liberals are striving for. This remark was ridiculous and symbolic in the same time. Upgrading maximum speed has got nothing, whatsoever nothing, to do with freedom but the symbolism was obvious.

The symbolism accentuated dependence of people on influences from outside because speed is something we can only undergo in relation to the world outside. There is nothing inside of us that asks for more speed.  This may sound very philosophical but if you look at most young children you will see that they rather long for attention than for speed. Behaviour of very young children often is an eye-opener for discovering who we really are.

So…here we find exactly the center of the problem. People should be more independent of what they are being told time after time. If a range of people tries to tell the same story  time and time again, they should be critical and conscientiously investigate. This does not go without saying. It requires a solid upbringing in the direction of real freedom, autonomy and independency. Our crisis is not firstly and certainly not exclusively a financial crisis but a mental one. These are conditions for a mind setting that is insensible to mind sucking. The big question is: is society ripe for a turn like that?

At first sight it may seem so but certain powers will resist the change because they  have an interest in the nowadays “system”. It is necessary to point out that there is no system at all, at the moment. What exists is a structure based on GREED or lust for power and money (which in fact are the same). Now this structure, supported by a mini-gropup of families in the world, fighting each other but using the same tactics, can only exist because of the absence of a system. And…the system is non existent because of the big dependency of people of the outside world, their openness to mind sucking. If a system existed, this structure would have not the ghost of a chance. Let’s be open: the structure moves itself  firstly at the stock exchange because this institute has turned into the best casino to suck power and money out of the world. But let’s also be honest: not every little investor belongs to this structure. In fact most little ones amongst them are their most serious victims.

Being practical…what is necessary to put the mental and economic crisis to an end is:

– closing all stock exchnages;

– partial repartition of sucked money amounts on investors’ accounts;

– organizing a freedom and independency direcrted education;

– make clear that unbridled loaning is only a fruit of mind sucking by people who florish  by that.

– organizing a new mind set in the same direction of the grown up, for instance by  blocking luring product advertising on tv and internet;

– bringing people by discussion and advertising to do work in the frequency and kind that fit them the best.

Of course there should be chosen a way by wich it is posssible not to brain wash people. That is important because brain washing is an serious danger for people who are not used tot thinking for themselves. Most people are not these days…as was pointed out above.

If we succeed in doing this, we will see the nightmare transformning into Pegasus and fly higher and higher…with us on its back….and may be we get by then a “helicopter view” of the damage done by the structure and mind sucking.

Till strongness,

Kaj Elhorst


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