Nightmare to bloody hell

Now, from the foregoing pages you might have decided we are at war although nobody actually seems to know who the enemy is. Of course, some of u have tried to spread the word the enemy is in the Islam, Iran and the Taliban but still the majority of people does not want to believe this fully. Somewhere in the dark brains of most people there shimmers a light that protects against social bullshit.  It was this light that George W has been missing all the way. It was this lack of defense that made his brain made ripe for sucking by Osama.

Nevertheless the situation has contaminated many people and…they sought a way to get out off their self-constructed mess. The stock exchange seemed already a long time ago a perfect escape. To gather as much money as possible was a luring possibility. If it had to be over the heads of many fellow-men, it had to be of course. And so it went.

Driven by their borderless wish for power and wealth they found a way to suck all of the money out of the pockets of those who did not possess much individually but as a group had a very large ability to bear. The people who were able to borrow money to buy a house were the first group to think of and after that came the national states. “Lend them as much as they may seem to want and you”ll make them dependend on you.” And so it happenend. In their fear to loose the world, they went sucking and sucking thew one thing they knew everbybody in the world believed in and thought to need.

There were no questions about morals because soon enough the whole world would be in disarray, war would be raging everywhere between the western money mastodont and the bad muslims. Meantime there WAS a moral point of view coming up: freedom of speech. It came out of the blue and was right at hand when all the money-sucking fearmanagers of the stock-exchanges needed it. The freedom of speech was THE outmost possibility tot ensure the long abided cultural and economic clash. As said before, this clash was needed to create a safe escape for the sucking minded ones.

And so, next to the mental and social crisis which already existed, there was a economic crisis coming up, it speeded forwards but when it wavered all of a sudden at the stock exchanges was whispered that Greece had financially  broken down. There was no real news about that but it was the moment, the timing. And now a new moment of sucking of minds has begun because terrorism seems to have lost the attention of the public because of the fundamental lack of power of terrorist organizations. A better fear was the economic fear because you could strengthen it by endlessly repeating the fact that there was a crisis. So the crisis went deeper and deeper.

In the minds of the stock exchange mafia the possibility of a global war wasn’t indeed important anymore but…crisis lead tot more concentration of power and money and that seems to promiss a wonderful future. And yes, minds of people are more effectively sucked by economic threads than by social mishaps. The nightmare canters to bloody hell but may be there glimmers an expedient for all this….it will be in the fourth part of my nightmare story…

Till strongness,

Kaj Elhorst

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