The nightmare canters on….


Now it may seem from the above sentences that the nightmare has finally gone to sleep. That is far beside the truth, in the contrary, it canters full speed on. The nightmare took on the shape of a horse with no name. From the 11th of september 2001 Georges mental sickness spread through his country. People turned against any muslim in the USA and their defenders. Who was preaching anything positive about the Islam would be called anti-nationalistic. Peoples minds were filled with enemity and people sucked it like sponge-bob. God’s own country would resist the Islamitic global overthrow! Yes, it was being preached in churches.

Additional there were utterments from well known people , not only in the USA but also in Europe. For instance  there were Léon de Winter and his wife who pronounced some total alteration of the world. They were joined bij Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh who saw an Islamitic domination at the horizon.  In fact they were, like George, trying to load their mental diseases and fears onto society and…they succeeded in doing that. It is here to say that Pim Fortuyn did not belong to this sucking-mind-patients. He was just a freethinker who’s ideas were complying with decennial winds.

Nevertheless, nobody could loosen him- or herself anymore from the nearing Armageddon. In fact Armageddon was already there and countries all over the world sought the USA’s friendship because of the Yankees doings in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The USA in their turn appointed sitting in te oval office allies all over the world, like Pakistan and even Libya! In the same mainstream other countries were appointed enemies, like Iran, the empire of evil.

There were no indications or even hints at all that Iraq and Iran were producing or planning the production of weapons of mass destruction but….the fear sucking minds had to point to someone and these countries seemed best acquipped for it: not really dangerous but very suspected. And so everybody believed in their evil scalings. That is not to say that Saddam Hussein would be a very charming best friend but the insinuations from Washington were overwhelming scandalous. Pathetic, you could call them… and it goes on till today and tomorrow.

Pathetic, yes people all over the world became pathetic. That is to say, many people. The poison of lies and hatred that was dispersed from the White House during both terms of Georges presidency did it’s work. It was constantly dripping into peoples minds and their once happy and fearless hearts became dark and their minds went sensitive to black thinking and suspicion. They are the fruits of the semen of hatred and fear. Nobody, not even the new president of the USA was able to  withdraw from this illness. He was ot able to put an end to it because he would be declared unpatriottic by the lot of the sick wolves, not only Republicans…

However, the nightmare should be stopped before she meets Fenris, de Nordic wolve of destruction and so the question becomes: can we catch her in reins?

Till strongness,

Kaj Elhorst

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