Lone Walker, the creation of a nightmare

There was, of course, nothing particular to the birth of George W Bush on july the 6 th in the year of 1946. In fact the family Bush enjoyed it as a sign of peace and liberation after the second world war.  Nobody put questions with the authenticity of  the youngest child of a prominent Texanian family. In the contrary, stars and stripes and, foremost, the Texanian flag hung out that day, not only on the ranch of the Bush familly but all the neighbours , friends and  followers saw the new birth as a reason to party.

Now already during the first weeks mother Bush had a feeling about something special. She felt her newest born did not behave like al the rest of the family but she never mentioned it. She thought her husband, parents and other acquaintances would see her nervousness as a after math of the birth. She didn’t want it to be a point of ridiculisation. Betsy was a very bourgeois that never wanted to be the source of something rebellious or sensational unless it would be her kind and well fixed motherhood. This is not to say that she never meant to use her influence as the wife of the most important scion of the Bush family but it all happened in silence. So year after year passed by without her pulling the bell.

Meantime also father Bush saw his second thoughts about his son growing. He had not much time left tot give himself many thoughts about his son but nevertheless. There even were moments in his days when he thought this boy could not be a material kind of off spring of the family. Sometimes he got ashamed about George’s behaviour and one day he brought his fears up to the miss. She got scared as she heart him talk and denied all of his most  obscure thoughts. He even insinuated that his wife had had an affair with some wild man in the bush but she threatened to sue him if he ever mentioned the posssibility again. He never did. And so the boy grew up.

Eleven years old, it must have been somewhere in  spring, more specifically in march, there was a deterioration in the boys behaviour. In silence he tried a glass of beer although his parents did not favour that. Only fourty years later some psychologist brought an explanation of this development into the open. March 1957 saw the birth of Osama bin Laden and this psychologist had a theory that the boys were  mental twins. It meant that the two minds were sucking each other from the first moment on. It didn’t matter that the boys were living o many miles apart from each other. As a matter of fact, Osma was a bad boy as well and his behaviour at home deretiorated from day tot day.

Osama’s parents, for instance, were true followers of the royal family of Saudi-Arabia while Osma was permanently pissing them off as far as he dared to. He thought, many years later, the royal family was a criminal clan, governing the country illegally. Osama had sucking mind like George and this bilateral sucking made them intertwined, some kind of steady telepathy. That was the diagnosis the above mentioned psychologist whose interpretation of facts was never heard because of the rimble-ramble that overwhelmed the world after the attack on the eleventh of september.

George became a drunk. His parents worried about it and tried to put an end to the borderless drinking of their son. Of course their meddling helped eventually but by then the worse had already been done. George’s brain was completely defenseless against the attacks of Osama’s outgoing malicious brainwaves.And so the practically close twin set to stipulate the future faith of mankind. While Osama was sending horrible messages about what he could do once he had gained some power in the orthodox islamitic world, George was shivering  and planned to defend himself. The problem was that his by alcohol eroded mind posessed no weapons against the vicious mental attacks of Osama and so George decided that only defense by the lot of the nation could help him… In fact he sought all of the USA tot fix his mental problem.

It must be said, the whole of the Bushfamily was greatly surprised when George W was chosen candidate and an even bigger surprise was their fate on the day he was elected for president. Not so thought George himself. He had always been aware of the fact that only his presidency could help protect him against the on going attacks on his weak mind.

Osama sent him no message in advance but the attack on the Twin Towers gave him the perfect excuse to start a full scale attack on everything he thought to be threatening. It was not that the attacks stopped as soon as his army was marching but…at least the whole of the nation helped him fighting the nigthmare!

Now, the Lone Walker has grown older and times have changed. The whole globe is in disarray thanks to the nightmare the LW created: the global fight against something called Islam. George feels a little bit more free and the attacks on his mind are finally wavering…

Till strongness,

Kaj Elhorst


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