Two bottles of whisky and an aristocat

Yeah well, now I been talking about Don Henley, I remember all meetings with popartists. You have to believe me, I always came too early or too late. That was especially the case with my meeting with Mick Jagger. I met the guy long before he was famous and after that he lost te sight of me. I don’t know why because it couldn’t have been the whisky.

I didn’t meet him in Dartford, Kent, as you would probably gusess but during one of my travels tot Afghanistan to get more nice weed from between the mountains of de mullah. I fell into a bar in München where Mick and his brother Chris were sitting at the bar and sipping theit first Johnnie Walker. It mus have been the summer of 1962 and Mick had just reached the age of 19. I didn’t think by the time he was 16, he looked like 25, then  already. But by the way he told me he didn’t like his black label, I knew he wasn’t 25 years old.

He tried to pass me some of the whisky but then I didn’t like it (I still hate Johnnie Walker (although I am a known whisky lover). I pushed Micks hand away. Really, Mick wasn’t a bad guy at all. He was planning to piss the wallpaper and shit on the Persian carpet in the Hotelroom but it was not because of lack of culture or civilization. It was just that he didn’t want to look like John Lennon or Paul McCartney, he told me. “These are the good guys”, he repetedly said, “but we are the worse ones.”

He was rolling the counter and whistling a song wich, as I come to think of it now, resembled “I can’t get no”. It wasn’t a surprise because Mick never could get satisfaction, it was a mark on his life and actually he was seekin g to be satisfied all the time. It left him a lot of kids from different mums.

As The Eagles taught me something, tt be a Johnny come lately, I wonder wat I took from Mick. Well, not so much, I think. Mick was not a guy to be wise and philosophical. But nevertheless, he never got so far as to swallow two bottles of whisky each day like one of his comrades. He is too much of an aristocrat to things lie that, as the son of a teacher.  What did I take from him? Never to drink black label. Well, that’s a good advice and I took from him his view on British weather: “As tears go by”.

See you in strongness,

Kaj Elhorst

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