Johnny has come lately


Just a couple of days ago I heard a song that has really been chasing me all my ife. It’s called “Johnny come lately” and was written down and sung by the Eagles. I guess nobody knows I’stood model for “Johnny”. Now, during the last days the song won’t leave my mind.

I think it must have been 1972 when I was travelling the US of A and crossing all over Califoria with my big friend “Steakbuster” Paul Holloway. He was a groceshopper from San Francisco and so we visited the city for many a time.  Ah yeah, Paul was a real steakbuster. He could eat a cow when hungry! He was 6 foot 8 and nearly as broad! A fat man, you could call him for someone just about two years older than me. I was 25 by the time. Of course, it was nothing special to run around in Frisco, capital of FlowerPower. I remember us, apart form wearing remindfull jackets made of tablecloth, driving and speeding second hand trucks by the edge of the city. Free sex and dust, you could say. 

One night we were buzzing around in a bar called Save Our Souls, a lot long hair, beards and we were drifting on weeed, like we always did , motly t the beach. Nobody had heard of the ridiculous WOD (war on drugs)  by that time so smoking was nearly for free everywhere. Every well known actor was drifting on the stuff. At a certain moment the guys of The Eagles came in and they sat next to us. There was nothing to it because we were all travellers, well-to-do hoboes.

Then at a moment Don Henly turnesd to me, looked at me for a while and then he said. “You are “Johnny come lately”. By the time I didn” t understand what he meant and while we were all under drugs, he started to explain. As a real “Eagle on weed” he started to tell the whole story. “Johnny come lately”, he said, was the man who always came too late but “everybody loves him”. I was blurred by the story or by the weed. nevertheless I felt grat about it and it was alright. He burst with laughter as he heard that my name, Elhorst, means “Eagles Nest”.  “It’s alright wit me”, he said. “If you want to play the piano with us, it’s OK.” It never came to that.

Nowadays  I understand him. Sometimes I feel like being parachuted from some other planet like Mr Bean but not as clumsy as he. Nowadays, especially because of the song I got the feeling the Eagle has landed. I can tell it from the way I’ve got with women.  It’s alright with me. There ’s a new kid in town…


See you in strongness,


Kaj Elhorst


2 reacties op “Johnny has come lately

  1. Leader Glenn Frey once described their ’70s career as “got crazy, got drunk, got high, had girls, played music and made money”.
    The craziness included the arrest of drummer, songwriter and vocalist Henley in November 1979 after a naked 16-year-old prostitute suffered a drug overdose during a party at his home in LA. Cocaine, marijuana and quaaludes were seized.
    He was subsequently charged for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, fined and put on probation.

  2. Kaj Elhorst schreef:

    Yes, WOD has set a lot of trouble. It’s true. And now it ’s even waging much heavier and putting a load on Mexico. It’s absurd to see how governments are causing criminal behaviour

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